Having trained at The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre, I am now available to work with you using Shamanic healing techniques.

Shamanic Healing aims to remove energy blockages, restore energy and re-empower the individual. Healing can take place on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Soul Retrieval
As part of our coping and survival strategy, when we suffer trauma, we can experience soul loss.  This can result in feelings of depression, dissociation, low energy, lack of clear thinking and sometimes suicidal thoughts.  With help of a Shamanic practitioner it is possible to retrieve lost soul parts and regain strength, and vitality.

Extraction Work/ Entity Removal
Intrusive energies can manifest as negative thoughts, inappropriate behaviour, physical illness and pain and suicidal thoughts. The Shamanic practitioner aims to identify the intrusion and remove it from the person’s energy field.

Past life work
The practitioner will journey into past life for healing purpose.

Energy Healing
This work is to cleanse and balance the energy field, removing blockages and promoting strength.

Healing sessions take approximately 90 minutes and on a sliding scale cost

High £100 /  Medium £75 /  Low Income £50 / Benefits £40

Shamanic Healing for children under 17 years old is by donation